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BLUESHIFTING revolutionizes the blog ad

We've innovated the use of Adobe Flash to create these powerful advocacy adverts that permit viewers to sign up to support important legislation… directly from the ad itself.


During the 2006 election season BLUESHIFTING took a very active role by designing and implementing the website for grassroots champion Jerry McNerney who defeated incumbant Congressman Richard Pombo in California's 11th district.

Rep. McNerney & Lt. Col. Brown

In addition to maintaining Jerry McNerney's campaign site, we've developed and designed a second congressional campaign site for Lt. Col. Charlie Brown.

We're very excited to be associated with Charlie's campaign. He is Democracy for America's choice to be their 2007 Grassroots All-Star. Jerry McNerney was the DFA Grassroots All-Star pick for 2006.

BLUESHIFTING is the progressive political arm of Kurland Digital, a 'new media' development and design consultancy.

Given the dire need for effective message development and deployment on behalf of Progressive and Democratic causes, we're focusing on growing our business to contribute to those efforts, as well as volunteering our skills for the production of targeted advocacy pieces at our discretion.

Please check out our portfolio of ads, logos and Flash programming!

At an independent bookseller near you…

Crashing the Gate

Blueshifting is proud to have been chosen to design the cover of the first book by premier progressive bloggers Jerome Armstrong (of myDD) and Markos Moulitsas Zúniga (of the Daily Kos).

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