Blueshifting: Making progressive politics visible

This is an electoral vote map that represents each state on the basis of the number of its electoral votes: the larger the number of electoral votes, the larger the scale of the state.

This provides a more accurate visualization of the results of a presidential election than a geographical map... which heavily over-represents large states rural states with small populatios.

This map was used on MyDD prior to the 2004 election, and was powered by a database containing the current projections based on polling. This was not only useful in representing the poll data, but it also allowed site visitors to play "what if?" by clicking on states to shift them between Kerry and Bush... and interactively visualize different scenarios.

This is a navigation device used on a number of websites, such as and, as well as being featured prominently on Democracy for America's siteas well as John Edwards' One Corps site.

This map deals with the problem of selecting the smaller northeastern states by scaling the map as you cursor near them.

Macromedia Flash™ is much more than a tool for animation: it is also an excellent mechanism for presenting dynamic or interactive content. We have many years of experience in creating innovative Flash interfaces.
DFA Meetup Flyer

Democracy for America is a nationwide organization with hundreds of local groups that meet on a monthly basis.

Clicking on the image at left will open up a window containing a customizable flyer that can be used by event organizers for printing flyers to announce their local meetings.

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